Monday Dec 18
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Office Manager Still Trying To Find Enough People To Do Women's Bracket Pool

A local office manager is putting the word out that he is still looking for people interested in doing a women's NCAA tournament pool, despite the fact there are only 4 teams left. He was undeterred by the lack of response for his NIT bracket and 128-person French Open bracket pools.

"Look," said Fernando Castronovik. "I told everyone this thing would be just as fun as the men's bracket, only with women. I know a lot of people complained that they didn't know anything about women's basketball, but you've heard of some of these schools! Connecticut is on here, even Louisville!

"I know people were nervous about having to size up Prairie View and Lehigh, but they are already out. Just fill out your bracket with these four teams, and we're good. You have a one in four chance to win for Pete's sake! It will be fun!"

But his co-workers have been skeptical about committing to an addition bracket pool since the beginning.

"I just don't know if I can make any more uneducated guesses about basketball teams," said office worker Kerry Reyes. "At least with men's basketball I can pretend I know about these teams despite only really following my alma mater, Duke, and North Carolina. I can rely on my knowledge of those three teams plus steal opinions from bracket pundits and claim them as my own. But with women's basketball, it's a total crapshoot. It's like bizarro world on that bracket. Stanford? How did they get to the final four?"
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