Monday Dec 18
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Can The NL Pull Off The Upset Tomorrow Night?

It's the day before the MLB All-Star game, and no doubt tonight everyone will gathering around Charlie Manuel tonight to hear him tell of the time the NL actually won an All-Star game. They will hear of an age when the NL was actually competitive, and not just stat padding for the Yankees and Red Sox during the months of May and June.

It was way back in the age of 1996, when the movie Independence Day was the top grossing movie, when people were simpler, in that most of them sat through a horrid movie like Independence Day. Can the NL rekindle that 1996 magic? Oh, what's that? Their starting pitcher is from the Colorado Rockies? Nope, I guess 1996 won't be happening then...

Picture Of The Day

The Arizona Wildcats team does NOT regret the decision to play a football game wearing their PJs.

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