Monday Dec 18
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Rockies Still Number One In This Week's MLB Power Rankings, Says Denver Columnist

Woody Paige unveiled this week's MLB Power Rankings in the Denver Post, and not surprisingly the Colorado Rockies were again in the number one spot. Despite having the second worst record in all of Major League Baseball, they have remained consistently on top of his rankings for the entirety of the season.

"This team is showing a lot of determination this season," said Paige in the article. "Even during their three game sweep last weekend at home, they proved that they won't let blowouts phase them. After losing to the Dodgers in those games by a combined score of 38-13, you'd think they get blown out again by the next team they faced. But no, they only ended up losing by 4 the next day. That's mental toughness, and that's why this team is the best!"

Paige has moved those same division leading Dodgers at the bottom of his rankings, right under the 13-36 Washington Nationals, citing that LA is "All about scoring runs and pitching well. That's not all baseball is about, there are also the fundamentals."

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