Monday Dec 18
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WNBA Champions To Visit President Via Free White House Tour

The WNBA's Detroit Shock made a very special visit to the White House this week to celebrate their status as the reigning WNBA Champions. Tiger Woods, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and even the Chicago White Sox made visits there as well over the last month to celebrate their recent successes. But while Tiger Woods had an exclusive sit down dinner with President Obama, the Detroit Shock arrived to find their names not on the guest list.

"Detroit Shock...Is that an arena football team?" asked the front desk, as the girls tried to get in to see the President.

They informed them that they were a real team, and even showed the people at the desk pictures of them from last year's finals. But security refused to believe that the people in the pictures were actual women playing basketball instead of female faces photoshopped on NBA players.

The team was then told it could get into the White House with the free tour that is conducted to the public, so they opted to do that. They learned a great deal about the historic furniture that graces the various rooms of the White House, and even got to see the outside of the oval office, where the President may or may not have been at that time. They weren't allowed to know for sure due to security reasons.

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