Monday Jan 22
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Ratings For 4:00 AM World Baseball Classic Game Not Looking Good

Ratings for this morning's 4:00 AM World Baseball Classic opening game between China and Japan were released late in the day, and they were not nearly as good as hoped. The game struggled mightily with a .3 rating, which many experts point to as further evidence of middle of the night Asian baseball's decline in popularity.

MLB commissioner Bud Selig blames the poor showing on the fact that there was an amazing dream playing at the same time in the heads of many baseball fans.

"Some guys just won't pick watching baseball over watching a sex dream featuring a winged Angelina Jolie and a talking purple salamander," said Selig in an interview with Sports Illustrated. "That's tough counter programming for any show out there."

ESPN says the low ratings for the WBC may lead to them cancelling their 4:00 AM program to renew the show that previously held the timeslot, Shamwow infomercials. Fans of Shamwow and Magic Jack have started an online campaign to get the shows back on the air after they were pre-empted this week for baseball. They are anxious to see what types of liquid are being absorbed this week, by a guy with a New Jersey accent and a Britney Spears performance headset.

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