Saturday Dec 16
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The New Mini-Games Of Madden NFL 11

With every Madden game, there come several new features and mini-games that gamers can play in addition to the basic play. This year’s crop is the best in years as players get to see yet another dimension of being in the NFL.

Conditioning Tests Mini-Game:

In Franchise mode, force players to run and fail meaningless conditioning tests. For extra poits, leak to the press that a pregnant woman could pass the test.

Too simple for you? Try the tests from the other side and see if you can navigate an overweight lineman through shuttle runs and fake a knee injury when you fail.

Roger Goodell Mode:

Ever notice that Roger Goodell seems to wield way more power that a commissioner should? Well, in this game, you have the ability to punish players for altercations that even the police don’t care about. Also, make sure to give preferential treatment to the stars of your league (Ben Roethlisberger, Vince Young).

Brett Favre Coverage:

You get to choose between ESPN reporters Ed Werder and Rachel Nichols as you spend hours standing in front of a high school practice where Favre may or may not be training for a comeback. Try and make no news seem like BREAKING NEWS.

Tony Romo Mode:

Lead the Dallas Cowboys to a magnificent regular season only to choke in the playoffs because you spent the weekend in Mexico with your annoying girlfriend. In order to get away from the completely warranted bad press, convince everyone that you have a realistic shot at qualifying for the golf U.S. Open.

Terrell Owens Mode:

Be an over-the-hump wide receiver with mediocre hands, who is shocked that he can no longer find work. In order to find a team to sign you, convince executives that the media is out to get you and that your previous quarterbacks weren’t any good.

The Twitter Mini-Game:

While in the huddle, get bonus points for tweeting to your fans. Get even more for using tweets to complain about coaches and/or your quarterback. But be careful, getting caught will result in a hefty fine!

Tom Brady Mode:

Do your best to pretend that you still care about football as you go home and have sex with Gisele Bundchen.

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