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Top 10 Madden Cover Curses

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Top 10 Madden Cover Curses
10 - Zune Edition
9 - Carney
8 - Romans
7 - Cafeteria
6 - Godzilla
5 - Stock Market
4 - John Madden
3 - Your Love Life
2 - Woods
1 - Ramses II
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There has long been a belief that to be on the cover of Madden each year results in either a horrible injury or an awful statistical season. The statistics speak for themselves. Marshall Faulk, Michael Vick, Shaun Alexander, and even last year's Troy Polamalu. All injured the year after appearing on the cover and have never been the same again. Every other athlete of the last 10 years has suffered the same fate.

But which covers resulted in the worst curses of all time? We count down that list here...

Picture Of The Day

The Arizona Wildcats team does NOT regret the decision to play a football game wearing their PJs.

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