Saturday Dec 16
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Dustin Johnson Cancels Trip To Beach, Afraid It Could Be Secret Bunker

Dustin Johnson has cancelled his family's trip to Miami Beach next week, afraid it may turn out to be another secret bunker. After grounding his club cost him a chance at the playoff at the PGA Championship over the weekend with a two-stroke penalty, he is taking no chances. After watching Bubba Watson and Martin Kaymer go on to compete in a playoff, he was noticeably skeptical.

"I don't want this vacation to come back and cost me a major in the future," said Johnson. "There is a lot of sand there, that's the first danger sign this could be a sand trap in disguise. I was sure to read all the posted rules this time about Miami Beach; stay near the shore, no lifeguard on duty, don't litter. But I'm still not confident about going there..."

Johnson has also removed the sandbox from his backyard, telling his kids not to enjoy holes of dirt, because they may come back to ruin your dreams one day.

He says the family will now instead go to Disney World, where his caddy will accompany them to carry his clubs the entire vacation and make sure none of them touch the ground.

"This is the worst penalty I've had from not reading the rules, since the first tournament I entered was stripped from me after I found out you aren't allowed to just walk up and drop the golf ball in the hole," continued Johnson. "I thought I was a pretty good junior player back then to get 18 holes in one, but turns out I should have read the rulebook a little more extensively."

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