Monday Jan 22
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T-Mac Regrets He Will Not Be Around To Let Rockets Fans Down In Playoffs

In a tearful press conference today in Houston, Tracy McGrady announced he would have season ending knee surgery this week. The announcement left fans and media in Houston wondering who would be there to lead the Rockets to a first round exit in the playoffs.

Yao Ming, normally the Rockets second best playoff collapser, has actually looked improved this season, with averages of 19.8 points and 9.6 rebounds per game. Some are wondering if Yao can shoulder the load of failing for two all-stars in the postseason. 

"This just hurts, to have to step away so early like this," said McGrady. "I know this city expects more of me. They expect an amazing scoring average in the regular season, and then to see me play like a rookie in his first game when we get to the playoffs. It's comforting to know I'll be there every year, taking unnecessary shots and making risky passes.

"I'm also sorry to all the fans in visiting cities, who know whenever they see us on the first round schedule, they can go ahead and order their tickets for the second. I'm sorry to all the dads out there who use me as a cautionary tale to their kids of someone who has wasted their potential for greatness by failing when it counts. I'm sorry to everyone. But I promise, I will be back next year, and this time with a bad knee! This could be my biggest letdown yet!"

And with that the fans in attendance began chanting "T-Mac" loudly. But now the city of Houston is still faced with the very real and scary possibility of winning a playoff series, and being forced to care about the NBA Playoffs for more than a week. They are attempting to put on a brave face. But inside, the people of Houston are very scared, now that their hero has fallen...

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