Wednesday Feb 21
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East Eliminated From NBA Season With Loss To West

With a horrible defensive effort last night, the Eastern Conference was officially eliminated from the NBA season after their tough loss to the Western Conference. Looking like they had never even played together before yesterday, the East looked downright confused at times, as the West rang them up for 146 points. With the loss, the East's season ends on a sour note, and they will only get to watch the rest of the year from their couches.

"This loss hurts," said the Eastern Conference star player LeBron James. "To get eliminated from the season so early, I thought we really had a chance at making a deep run this year. But to lose to a bad team like the West, that is what caught me totally by surprise. These guys barely made it into the season at all, and then they bounce us in the first round. I guess we need to blow up this conference and rebuild, bring in some young kids and hopefully turn this thing around. This might take awhile, we've got a lot of big names on this team. We might not make it back into the season for a couple years."

With the win, the Western Conference will go on to play itself in the next round of the season. But some stars were happy to get past the team that has haunted them in the past.

"Those guys are really scrappy," said Kobe Bryant. "I'm glad to eliminate them this early though, because it seems like every year, there is some team from that conference that ends up in the NBA Finals. Even in their down years, they seem to somehow get a team in the Finals. I guess they just turn it on for the playoffs or something..."

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