Saturday Dec 16
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Opposing Manager Walks Ryan Howard In Homerun Derby

Joe Madden was applauded for his masterful strategy during this year's All-Star game when he made a daring move against Ryan Howard during his second round appearance at the plate. Last year, the AL was thoroughly embarassed when Josh Hamilton belted over 20 homers in the first round. Determined to not let the same thing happen again, Maddon ordered an intentional walk against Howard when he was about to tie the AL's Nelson Cruz in the second round.

"This guy had been creaming the ball all night," said Maddon. "I wasn't about to let him beat us with another long ball, especially with the way that pitcher was throwing the ball. It seemed like he could only throw it slow and right over the plate, it made it really tough out there on our defense."

The defense was also criticized soundly after the game by Maddon. Reports from the locker room say he yelled at his outfielders for playing like a large group of unorganized children. They dropped several easy fly balls, and did not look out for other fielders, often pushing and shoving to get to balls.

The move worked out wonderfully for the AL, as Howard confusingly walked to first base after being issued the walk. The ref then called him back to the plate, as apparently the move was not allowed, and he struggled to make solid contact after that.

Howard was knocked out of the competition by Cruz, who went on to lose to Prince Fielder in the final. Analysts called Maddon's managing one of the best managed home run derbies of all time.
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