Saturday Dec 16
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Nationals Fire Manny Acta, As Well As Next 3 Managers To Get It Out Of Way

The Washington Nationals have announced they have fired manager Manny Acta today, as they entered the all-star break 22.5 games back in the NL East. The move comes as no shock to anyone following the sport, as their performance on the field had been abysmal. But the Nationals did surprise a few people by immediately hiring and firing three more managers over the course of the afternoon.

"We've seen the talent we have here on this roster," said GM Mike Rizzo. "We know that there are still a few rebuilding years ahead of us, and that will probably mean a couple more coaches are going to be shown the door. Why not just get their firings out of the way now, so we can bring in that guy who in five years would be able to turn our franchise around? We're going into the future as we begin looking for our 5th coach of the last 24 hours!"

Rizzo went on to call his plan a lot like the plot of Back To The Future 4, a script he wrote while in college. He said he had no idea why the "genius" screenplay, following Marty McFly as he attempted to run a baseball team owned by the evil Biff Tannen, was never picked up by a studio. He said he hoped this managerial move would rejuvinate interest in that script and his screenwriting career, because obviously he has no skill in managing a baseball franchise.

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