Monday Jan 22
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ESPN Fires Editor Who Accidentally Put WNBA Headline On Homepage

Visitors to were shocked this morning when an editing snafu landed a horrific headline onto the front page of their website. At approximately 6:34 AM, a story appeared about a player from the WNBA's Minnesota Lynx missing the rest of the season. The article was published and available for just anyone to see who came onto that front page.

ESPN began receiving calls at their main offices around 6:37 with irate men screaming about how they had been exposed to a story relating to the WNBA.

"I come to your site because I want sports news," said fan Gerald Perkins. "But I go there this morning, and you assault my eyes and ears with something about the WNBA! It made me sick inside! That kind of stuff should only be allowed in the wee hours overnight. What if my kids had stumbled upon this website? I don't want them exposed to the WNBA!"

ESPN responded quickly by pulling the article, deleting their entire section on the WNBA, and firing the web editor responsible for the mixup. Apparently he was trying to publish a story about Women's Volleyball, which is a fan favorite on the site due to the fact they all wear bikinis, and none of them look like giants. But he selected the wrong choice from the dropdown menu, and the WNBA headline snuck in there.

The staffer says he definitely deserved the firing, and appologizes to anyone who took the time to read this horrific headline.

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